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About Our Jewelry Catalog

Large inventory and many styles are our obvious advantages in the fashion accessories industry. We update 500+ styles of jewelry every month, and we have our own factory warehouse, so don't worry about inventory problems. If you are interested in our products, you can click the lower right corner to contact us or leave your contact information at the bottom of this page, and we can send you the product catalog for more styles and prices.

We will send some benefits from time to time, for friends who leave us contact information and are interested in our products, examples are as follows:

  • Send us our product catalog to see prices for various products
  • Draw 5-10 friends every month to send our product samples for free
  • Those who are willing to cooperate can formulate a marketing plan for you
  • Provide product knowledge training
  • For other benefits, you can continue to follow us and contact us

China Jewelry Supplier

We will deliver the goods to you through sea, land and air logistics channels

HD Jewelry

HD jewelry was established in 2006, as an industrial and trade jewelry company, wholesale custom jewelry supplier, mainly engaged in 18k gold-plated zirconia fashion earrings, jewelry sets, rings and bracelets, etc., highly praised by customers around the world, welcome to cooperate and consult!

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hd jewelry
18k gold plated earring

Wholesale 18k gold plated earrings

1.Wholesale earrings styles are: huggies earrings, hoop earrings, stud earrings and dorp earrings etc.

2.The earring collections are: Animal, Solitaire, Heart, Flower and Classic.

3.Main materials: 18k gold-plated brass and AAA cubic zirconia

Wholesale 18k gold plated jewelry sets

Wholesale 18k gold plated jewelry sets

1. Materials: 18k gold-plated brass and AAA cubic zirconia

2. Series: Religious series, animal series, nature series, classic series, geometric series, heart series, etc.

3. Style: stu jewelry set, drop jewelry set, etc.

Wholesale s925 sterling silver earrings

Wholesale s925 sterling silver earrings

1. Material: s925 sterling silver and AAA cubic zirconia

2. Series: flower series, heart series, classic colored zirconia series ....

3. Style: huggies earrings, stud earrings

Wholesale s925 sterling silver necklace

Wholesale s925 sterling silver necklace

1. Material: s925 sterling silver and AAA cubic zirconia

2.Series: Religious series, star series, heart series, classic series, moon and bear series ...

3. Style: sterling silver pendant necklace, sterling silver double pendant necklace

Wholesale 18k gold plated rings, bracelets, bangles, etc

Wholesale 18k gold plated rings, bracelets, bangles, etc

1. Material: 18k gold plated and AAA cubic zirconia

2. Service: can undertake custom rings, bracelets, bracelets, earrings necklaces, etc.

3. Style: Adjustable

15+ years of Industry experience

Jewelry wholesale,have a lot of spot inventory

We are a fashion jewelry wholesaler integrating industry and trade. We have sufficient inventory of new products and new styles.

View our product catalog to see more styles and prices,We update 500+ new jewelry items every month.

Wholesale spot products, confirmed orders will be shipped within 3-7 days, friends who are willing to wholesale fashion jewelry can contact us.

  • 15 Years

    Start a business for over 15 years.

  • Update styles quickly

    Update 500+ products every month

  • Fast Shipments

    Quick delivery of spot products

  • Efficient

    Highefficientservice for communication and reply

our Factory & team

Our Jewelry Factory

  • Factory Address: Our factory is located in Shanwei, Guangdong
  • The number of employees in the factory is 50+, forming a complete production chain
  • Service: Undertake the customization of conventional fashion jewelry

our business team

  • Our team: full of passion and creativity, years of industry experience and rich professional knowledge.Provide customers with the best quality service and the most creative solutions to achieve their business goals.
  • Service: pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale, 1V1 professional service

our office

  • Our office is located at Room 902, Xiesheng Building, Liwan District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
  • Contact us whatapp: 8613411058700
  • our Factory & team
  • our Factory & team
  • our Factory & team

Customized service

HD Jewelry is a jewelry wholesaler integrating industry and trade. We have a large number of exquisite spot goods. If you have custom needs, you can contact us for consultation.

It is worth noting that:If your minimum order quantity is less than our MOQ quantity, you need to pay us the pattern-making sample fee, and we can make samples for you. When your two customizations reach our MOQ quantity, we will refund the original sample board fee to you.

  • Customized service

    Regular jewelry products can be customized

  • Customized service

    Factory made, mass production only

  • Customized service

    Customized design plan & marketing plan

  • Customized service

    Jewelry bundles can be customized, there is a MOQ limit

  • Customized service

    Provide customized services for product refinement drawings

  • Quality product production guarantee

    For other customized services please contact us

After-sales service
  • zircon drop

    zircon drop

    When there is a zircon drop during our product package inspection, please sort it out and let us know

  • Product fade

    Product fade

    If you find that the color of the product has faded after receiving the package, please contact us

  • 1V1 24h service

    1V1 24h service

    No matter you have any questions, we provide 1V1 after-sales service, 24h online

  • Missing products

    Missing products

    When you receive the package and find that the product is missing, please contact us in time

  • Logistics restrictions

    Logistics restrictions

    If the product package encounters factors beyond the control of the customs, we will carry out after-sales

  • The product is not man-made damage

    The product is not man-made damage

    In case of non-human damage to the product, we will provide you with after-sales service

Industry & Product Notes

When you are interested in our jewelry, you need to know our product information first. Click the learn more link to learn more, you will gain a lot of details about jewelry~Learn more
Oxidation fade

jewelry oxidation


It's normal, what you can do is to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance to prolong life as much as possible

jewelry deformation


Jewelry is soft and easy to deform, do not treat them violently, handle them with care.



Normal wearing will not cause allergy problems, but people who are prone to allergies still need to be reminded to choose carefully.

18k gold plated


Our products are brass plated with 18k gold, not pure gold, please know!

Shipping from China


As a Chinese jewelry wholesaler, the products are shipped from China and delivered to customers through logistics.

zircon custom


In addition to our regular materials and styles can be customized, the color, shape and size of our zircon can also be customized



In addition to jewelry wholesale, we also undertake customized orders, and we can customize products that meet our threshold.

delivery time


3-7 days, the spot order will be shipped within the cycle, and the delivery time of the customized order needs to be negotiated

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Enormous Inventory. Thousands of different designs. Great quality with affordable price. Professional manager 1v1 service. Fast delivery.

We have a lot of advantages!! First of all, we have large number of designs and stocks. Could meet all the different needs! Beside that, our jewelry are all in affordable price with great quality. Which make us enjoy a good reputation over this market. The most important thing is we close up the fashion! Each month produce over 500 newest designs.

We are committed to producing cost-effective products with a rich variety of product elements.



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  • Only supports .rar/.zip/.jpg/.png/.gif/.doc/.xls/.pdf, maximum 20MB.